How the Trivia Tour Works

As an event planner, you want to know how the Trivia Tour will fit into your event agenda and what’s included for your $750 investment:

Use of our PA sound system

This can include presentations, announcements and even door-prize drawings. Our job is to help you facilitate a successful party, so please let us know what we can do to to help.

Background Music

We will spin audience appropriate music during your social hour, meal, and even after the trivia contest, if your audience decides to hang out and socialize after the main events. The intent is to “set the mood” in the room and provide some background sounds for people to have conversations over. We can discuss music styles prior to the event.

The Trivia Tour Contest

The audience will play as teams. We recommend at least 4 teams to get the maximum effect from our unique scoring system. A good team size will range from 6 to 8 players. There is no limit to the number of teams we can host at an event (our current record is 48 teams with 9 people each).

The trivia contest takes an average of 75 minutes (give or take 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the group). We will visit with you prior to the event to plan how we will work the contest into your event agenda. While we ask you not to break the trivia contest up into multiple sections, there will be opportunities to sneak in some announcements and door prize drawings between the question rounds and also the 10 minute windows where we are tabulating our leaderboard and winners. We strongly recommend saving any grand prizes until the end of the night.

We are there to make sure your event agenda flows as smooth as possible. If you would like us to assist with drawings and announcements, simply ask us during some of our initial planning meetings.

 What we expect your team to provide

  • At least a 4 foot table and chair near the front of the room. It’s nice when the table can be draped with some sort of table cloth and skirting, but not required. The room ambience is completely up to you. We ask to be at least 20 feet from a power source. If power sources are not readily available, if you could ask the venue to provide at least an extension cord. We will provide our own surge protectors.
  • Prizes for at least two tables (that means a prize for each member of each team). These can range from $5 DVDs from the Walmart, Target or Best Buy bin to gift cards. It’s completely up to you.

What you can expect our team to provide

  • Sound system
  • Scoresheets, pens, and all materials needed to run the trivia contest
  • We will bring a “bonus” prize for each member of the winning trivia table
  • We will bring a “bonus” prize for each member of the last place trivia table

More details on the contest


We will host a 40 question trivia contest broken up over 3 rounds (20 standard questions, 10 audio questions, and 10 visual questions). The categories will range from music, movies, literature, pop culture, history, sport, etc.

We will discuss your audience demographics ahead of time and create appropriate questions that will help engage your entire audience. It does help if teams are “generationally friendly” (as we like to call it) which means that teams that mix the age groups the best will give themselves a great chance at getting more questions correct. The questions are fun and “guessable”.

Planning Calls / Meetings

We will discuss the entire details of your event a couple of times prior to the event including at least one meeting the week of the event, just to make sure that details have not changed. We can always be reached for questions at (701) 595-4642 or email

Unique Scoring

We have a unique scoring system that keeps teams engaged and “in the hunt” for the entire contest.  Instead of questions being worth 1 point for 1 correct answer, we make the questions more valuable if fewer teams get the answer correct.  Usually the winning team is not the one with the most correct answers!  This keeps all teams eligible right down to the very last question!

Need Some Proof?

We have hosted nearly 500 of these events and have dozens of clients who have booked a minimum of 3 times. We have several clients who have booked us for more than 8 events. If you need any references, I’d be happy to provide contact information for references. You may also browse our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say.