Your Event Plan: Getting on the Same Page!

In order to make sure that we have all the information we need to host an entertaining event for you and your team, we need to ask you a view questions.  This will help us get to know your audience a little better so that we can tailor music selections and even questions to fit your audience age ranges!

If you are just getting started on our site, here are a few suggestions we have before you get to far into this page:

Step 1: Make sure to read the details on what the Trivia Tour is and can do for you and your group.

Step 2: Make sure that you have requested a date.  We want to make sure we have that day open to have fun with your group!

If you have already done that, let’s get started by grabbing some information.  Please fill out the form as completely as you can (some fields are required).  This will be used not only for our first planning call/meeting that we have but will also serve as the basis for the agreement we send you for signature.  It’s just a friendly little contract that will help us both sleep a little better at night (we want you fully rested to have fun at our event with you)!

Let’s get started.  This will only take a minute or two.  If you have questions at any time, you can include them at the bottom of this form or give Scott a call at (701) 595-4642 or send him an email to

Submit Your Event Plan

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  • We are looking to see how the Trivia Tour will fit into your evening.