Thanks for listening to the Trivia Tour Podcast!

Here are lots of enjoyable ways to keep score if you are playing head to head or with teams.  Here are a few suggestions below:

3x5 Format: 1 for 1
The simplest way to keep score is to simply give one point for each correct answer.  It’s easy to keep track of in your head or you can create your own score pads to keep track:

  • To do this, just create 5 groups of 3 answer blanks.  That will get you through one podcast episode.
  • Write down all of your answers for the five audio clues.
  • When all of the questions have been asked for the 5 audio clues, switch answer sheets with the team next to you.
  • Circle all the CORRECT answers.
  • Then tally up the scores based on the value of the correct answers.

3x5 Format:  Easy as 1-2-3

Because we are asking the same three questions about five different audio clues, we recommend that you match the number of points based on the question number.  For example:

  • Question 1 is worth 1 point
  • Question 2 is worth 2 points
  • Question 3 is worth 3 points

This scoring method works well since we increase the difficulty of the questions as we move from question 1 to question 3.

You can choose to keep score in your head or create your own score pads (see above).

We will have more scoring methods posted soon, so check back!

If you have suggestions or come up with your own creative ways to keep score, let us know!